Holistic Health Coach who is here to help you lose weight by saying good bye to yo-yo dieting, cravings & bloating
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I’m happiest when I am dancing, doing yoga, hiking or cooking

I believe that diet and lifestyle together play a huge role in defining the quality of health that we are living. Losing weight is so much more than just looking good, feeling confident in the mirror or wearing that dress. It is about understanding your own body, the internal dialogue that is running in our minds every second and I am here to help you take the confusion out of the latest fad of the weight loss industry and leave you feeling amazing in your own skin. I feel truly satisfied when a client has lost weight and learned to manage their cravings through our sessions.


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Let's live a quality life with energy, zest and joy.

Quick start Guide to losing your first 5 pounds


quick start guide to losing your first 5 pounds

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The easiest way to lose weight and keep it off is to manage your hunger and learn what weight loss is really all about that's why I am here to give you my totally awesome and amazing guide as a freebie!

Quick start guide to losing your first 5 pounds


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"Connecting with Shaira was the best thing that happened to me . She was really patient and helpful during our sessions. Shaira helped me realize that it was all about changing my relationship with food and applying it into my day to day life.  Her sessions not only transformed me physically but also mentally she helped me understand my inner self so deeply that I feel energetic, confident , positive and a happy person" 

- S. K

"My clothes have started to fit me better and I have learnt to make smarter choices especially when eating out. Shaira was more like a friend- easy to talk to and gave me wonderful support."

- K.B

 "Shaira was very understanding & eager to help me.  I was glad I was able to reach all 3 targets (eat right, lose weight and have more energy) with ease." 

– Sunny Dass

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