These presentations are beneficial to your company by offering employees access to the latest nutrition and health information, as well as a professional care provider who can steer staff in the right direction.

I offer presentations (in person or via webinar) on the topics below or can tailor a workshop based on your staff’s interests. The sessions below include Q&A, handouts, recipes, shopping lists, recommendations, and resources where applicable. These sessions are interactive and fun to allow the employees to have a break from their work as well as learn about how they can take care of themselves better. Below are some popular topics:


Corporate wellness is an investment in your company's most important resource:
The aim of a workplace wellness programme is to improve the overall wellness of your employees, impacting the workplace and beyond.

The workshop covers:

* Nutrition tips for healthy travel, including how to pack for plane rides, herbal support for their trips, and the best foods for stress, immune health, and sleep

* How to plan ahead so you can ensure access to food that meets your needs and avoid the stress of last-minute decisions

*Recommendations for self-care so you arrive at your destination hydrated, relaxed, and free of digestive distress that can often come with traveling

*Tips for getting quality sleep when hopping time zones to avoid exhaustion and burnout

Travel is inevitable for work or pleasure.  Let's get the most out if it by following a WELLNESS ROUTINE so you come back home not run down or sick but rather refreshed and recharged.

My new workshop is filled with tips to stay on top of your game from the moment you start packing, to mid-travel wellness and destination do’s and don’ts. This way, you will come back with a bounce of energy!


The Quickest Way To Improve Your Health.

This workshop will empower you with knowledge as to how to decipher nutrition labels so when you go for your next supermarket shopping you are buying the packets that correctly describe the product in your hand. You will be able to control more precisely what you are feeding your body and manage sugar, sodium, fat and calories to better suit your own health needs.


Let's equip ourselves with longterm relief of headaches instead of short term ones such as by popping a panadol or anti-inflammatory pills. As we all know that these are simply band aid solutions and that the headaches will recur unless we dive into the causes of them and use holistic remedies such as acupressure, herbs, nutrition, breathing techniques to alleviate headaches in the long term.


Making smart lifestyle choices now will support the health of your brain for years to come. Our brain that is the cpu of our body does need some special attention. Here we will be looking at the latest thinking on brain health, 3 important components that will help to extend the health of our brains cells on a molecular level and other lifestyle tips to supercharge your brain.


This is one of the most popular workshops since the media has confused us with the myriad of diet trends that are in the market such as intermittent fasting, keto diet, cutting carbs after 7 p.m., etc. So what really works? This workshop will shed light on how to achieve fat loss and not weight loss only. The key differences between weight loss and fat loss and how to lay a solid foundation with 6 simple steps which is the blueprint to sustainable fat loss.


Do you feel like you’re addicted to sugar? In this workshop, you’ll learn about how developing a sugar habit is a natural coping mechanism for your body and the first steps to finally overcoming the cravings. You’ll also discover strategies that help you make healthier choices and get more enjoyment out of your food, how to avoid self-sabotage, and more. We’ll end the workshop with a chocolate-focused mindfulness exercise.

Lose the Sugar and Keep the Sweetness

Often times we feel we are pulling ourselves through the day, feeling grumpy & tired or using caffeine until it is time to go home. In this session we look at the factors that affect sources of our energy and going beyond just the physical body and looking at our energy body specifically at the chakras which are the energy wheels in our bodies. Besides we will tap into the "energetics of food" and how the right kind of nutrition can fuel you through the day, giving you boundless energy. A take home toolkit will also be shared so you can refer to and pull it out when it is needed.

Let's Have More Energy

Vitamin C and Turmeric are popularly known to boost your immune system. But can it be that simple? How to really maintain that balance in our body so that are defences are up and ready to fight bacteria and virus as they enter our body. We will explore genetics, the role of the gut, best diet, lifestyle practices and supplements so we are best equipped on a cellular level.

Up Your Immunity

I have many more fun topics to ease the stress at the workplace with kimchee making and cooking workshops. 

Reach out to discuss your company needs.

This is a healthy team building initiative to help employees bond and get healthy at the same time! It is a 5 day cleanse where by employees will be guided on how to remove processed foods out of their diets whilst eating only wholesome fresh food. In this way you are nourishing your mind and body with the right nutrients and supporting one another through the process. It includes:

- 2 online webinars

- a private facebook group

- daily support via email and facebook group

- suggested recipes

- handbook

- how to deepen your cleanse guide

- eating out guide

Let's Get Healthy Together